Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn

Looking very little at the front.. I was a little nervous but for a first time, I enjoyed it immensely.
Looking very little at the front.. I was very nervous but I enjoyed it immensely.

Hello to all fellow enthusiastic teachers! I have been utterly inspired this evening by attending and presenting at my first ever Teach Meet. In all honesty, I said yes to presenting before understanding what a teach meet really entailed. I thought a handful of teachers from across the county would come for the free (delicious) cake, listen for a bit and then disappear into our respective schools. How misunderstood I was.

The presenters spoke with almost tangible passion about their subjects. They were sharing ideas that they truly believed helped with pupil progress, enjoyment and learning in their respective fields and suggested ways that these innovative ideas could cross the curriculum. I listened to, and made copious notes on, advice on how to jazz up blooms with the use of dice, how to re-vamp traffic lighting, how technology can enhance learning beyond anything I ever thought possible and even heard from Holly – a trained ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog who is helping vulnerable students feel they have a voice. The evening flew by and I was left craving more CPD.

Which has brought me here.

With a new twitter handle @MissWhiteMaths and a brand new venture for me with this blog, I aim to reflect on my teaching and learning and share ideas and the challenges I am facing. I am doing this as even from the short time I have been on twitter, I am existentially more aware of the amount of teachers in this world who share the same vision – we want the best for our students and are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure this happens.

Happy reading and please leave feedback wherever possible!