Goodbye Training Wheels

It’s safe to say I have made the most of the most famous perk of teaching. In my five and a half weeks off I have been to Thailand, climbed the three peaks (picture attached), travelled around the UK including up to Skye, seen my beautiful friend marry her wonderful new husband and to top it all off, seen Jools Holland LIVE.. (a father’s day present). I have truly made the most of my holiday and I hope any fellow teachers reading this did as well as we definitely deserve it!

Tomorrow I start my first year as a real-life official full timetable teacher, and considering I am one of the most positive people alive, naturally I am incredibly excited. I’m also nervous. Very nervous. How do teacher’s cope with a full timetable? My six PPA sessions over a fortnight are unfortunately spaced with five in week A and one in week B in which I have my NQT mentee meeting (which I am very excited and proud to say that I am somebody’s mentor!). I’m so worried about how I am going to manage the workload however I suppose there is no point in worrying until I have actually been through a cycle or two but I would love some suggestions!

I also enter this year with a sickening feeling and it is all to do with the new maths GCSE spec. I know it can’t be just me however this feeling of the unknown is very disconcerting. I would be completely fine but this years GCSE results have left me a little frustrated and confused with the systems in place. My GCSE class worked incredibly hard with the majority working at a good C level all year, or so I thought. With the grade boundaries hiked up 7 marks I lost 8 students in the old boundary to the new. That is 8 students that I can’t help but feel like I have let them down in some way. I know that students have to put in the effort to get the grades but when I put in hours, sweat and actual tears it makes the results all the more gutting. I sincerely hope that this new-fangled GCSE stops moving the goal posts as much as the old one.

However, of course all of these doubts are muted by all of the exciting things I want to try in my classroom. I will be utilising Plickers ( a LOT more this year and I will do a post on it soon for anyone who doesn’t use it because its life changing! I want to trial flipped learning – all suggestions on how to do this with the most student benefit would be welcomed. Furthermore, through being an Associate Tutor at this years Summer Institute, I have a new way to teach concepts which I am incredibly excited to deliver.

I hope everyone has a wonderful start of term!

Miss White




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